EC Perser A-Lover Boy of United Cats (Flame)

Our first male

Nominated at the World Show München

EC Belamy's Short Stop


11 x Best in Varietät

7 x nominiert

3 x Best in Show

born  30. 10. 1990       died  28. 03. 2003  



FiFe World Winner 1994

EP United Cats Afternoon Star


23 shows and 22 Best in Shows

born  31. 03. 1993      died  24. 02. 2003



United Cats Ice Cream

cream male   09. June 2008

CFA CH.  Candirand's Unchain my Heart  x  United Cats Mary Goodnight

Er hat seit Sommer 09 einen schönen Platz bei Fam. Vesti

IC United Cats Hot Baby Doll

Calico Harlekin

EC  Hot Combination v. La'noitan  x  GC  United Colors del Diapason 

Sie hat ein gutes Zuhause bei Frau Renggli in Luzern.

CH United Cats Charly's Angel

brown tabby mc. white female

lebt bei Familie Röther in Uznach

EC United Cats Daddy Cool of Abracadabra

Many thanks to our daughter Astrid for showing him so beautiful

United Cats Easy to Love

black / white female

IC Chara May's Early Morning of United Cats

black white Exotic female

lebt bei  Familie Rhyner in Glarus

EC United Cats Grand Amour of El Karim

black Exotic male   born 26. Jan. 1999

Best Swiss cat  2002   Kat I  adult

Thank you Beatrice for showing him so beautiful and for giving him so fine home.

EC United Cats Go and Smile

Best Swiss cat 2000 & 2001   Kat I  adult

Thank you Mirtha and Rene for showing him so beautiful and for giving him so fine home.

United Cats Groovy Lover 

United Cats Haiti Night of Küssaburg

G I C   United Cats Handyman of Edelweiss

United Cats Make me happy

   PER n  male  born on 26th April 2004